Bauvais is our house, and the site of the reception. That's Bauvais in the photo above. The reception will take place on the terrace from where we'll be able to see Jean-Marie's donkey Cannabis  - and hopefully Rosie and Jim, our two new donkeys bought in March. The reception will start when we get back from the wedding ceremony  - about midday, with Alan and Laura (at least!).

The ceremony will have taken place at the Mairie at Haims (not in the church) at 11:00 on Saturday 30 May 2009. You are all very welcome to attend, but please don't feel obliged to.

The tourist website for the area is very good (thanks for the tip Debbie!) and in English.

Last Christmas Nina and I stayed at Leigners. This is  only 10 miles from Bauvais, is run by a lovely Dutch couple who speak excellent English, ans has a range of different size buildings to rent from 2 person to 16 (I think). All are really nice.

Where is our house? Well it's here.  It's not near anywhere - on 20 March it looked like this. As you can see, the buildings that we own opposite are in even worse condition than Bauvais - and the bits of Bauvais we haven't  yet improved are pretty bad.

Other places to stay - we used to stay in Chauvigny at both the hotels there. There is the OK-ish Lion d'Or and the frankly unpleasant Le Chalet Fleuri which overlooks the river and should be nice but just isn't.  In Montmorillon we've eaten at the super Lucullus but haven't stayed there. Of course there is the beautiful B&B run by Nathalie and Daniel but I think we've booked all their rooms! There is also a lovely B&B in Sillars which we can heartily recommend - we hope that the owners will be joining us for the reception!

There is also a 3 star campsite only 15km from Bauvais in Rue De L'Allochon in Montmorillon.

A word of warning - there is almost nowhere to eat in Montmorillon on Sundays or Mondays. No, I don't know why. There's a bloke who makes pizzas in the main square - they are excellent. There's a bar that sells kebabs - these are actually chips in unleavened bread, and repulsive. There's a passable Chinese restaurant called Au Bonheur d'Asie at 39 Boulevard Gambetta - it's open on Sundays but not Mondays. Oh no. Apart from these few, the pickings are meagre. There's a wonderful Moroccan restaurant called Le Minaret - but it doesn't open on Sunday, Monday - or Tuesday either, just to be that little bit more difficult. Le Minaret is very near to the very good and very large supermarket called HyperU who bizarrely are open on Sunday mornings. They also have an excellent and cheap cafeteria at lunchtimes except Sunday lunchtime.

Ryanair have recently announced that from 3 May they will additionally be flying to Limoges from Luton. They already fly to Limoges from Bristol, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Stansted and Bournemouth.  Remember, though, that Limoges is about 90 minutes drive away, and Poitiers is only an hour or less.

What else? Well, I'm getting excited because it's so close now! We've both got our outfits and our rings, and we've ordered more food because lots of you have said you'll be there. I'm just so pleased, and can't wait to see you all again. Remember - bring booze if you wish, but no presents thanks. Have a look at Kiva instead, maybe.